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Friday, February 10, 2006

RU 486

From Amanda Vanstone's speech yesterday:

I note, incidentally, that some of the churches who are opposed to any form of abortion can somehow come to the concept of what is referred to as a 'just war'. I am at a loss to marry the two. If you can come to a view that there can be a just war, why can there never be a just abortion? I cannot see it, and I have never had it answered.

I can tell you why, Senator Vanstone. It’s because men decide what a just war is, and a woman decides if she wants to continue a pregnancy.

I’ve emailed all the Senators who voted in favour of the Private Members’ Bill to thank them - except Vanstone and Hill, who as Ministers don’t have public email addresses . The other addresses are here

Over the weekend I’ll be writing to all the Members of the House of Reps. Their addresses are here. Please join me.

And wasn't Abbott crap on the 7:30 Report last night? No time right now to go too far into why, but hopefully I'll get a chance to get the full body fisking suit out later.

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