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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I am hardly the world’s biggest David Williamson fan, just so you know

But remember his article in The Bulletin last year about a ghastly cruise he won at an auction? He said, after bagging out the avarice of his fellow cruisers:

“The pathetic “elites” should accept the ballot box wisdom of the aspirationals and stop their whining, say Paddy, Andrew, Piers and the boys. Perhaps if they spent time on a cruise ship they might start to question this belief.”
But Williamson also said that “Warmth and affection within families was genuine, and civility to other passengers was the norm. These were by and large affable people.” and he also talked about another, very enjoyable, cruise he had taken.

I didn't even think it was a particularly good article, but it riled up Piers Henderson-Bolt like you wouldnae believe. Responses to his article aren’t freely accessible online anymore, but there’s a summary here (scroll down to the “This month’s spotlight” section).

I wonder what the attack pack of “the boys” will have to say about "cruise culture" given some of the evidence of Kathleen Taylor, security manager of the Pacific Sky cruise ship at the inquest into the death of Dianne Brimble:

Ms Taylor also said it was common to see couples have sex in open spaces on the ship, and security encountered about 15-20 naked passengers every night.

She had once come across a passenger spiking another passenger's drink with extra alcohol, and had dealt with a number of women complaining they had been raped.

Poor, poor Mrs Brimble. And god knows who else.

I'm waiting to see how this is Teh Left's fault. I can't quite see it, but I'm sure Angela Shanahan can. Just have to wait and be told.