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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Rites of sausage

Some people are getting into tizzes about arranging to meet their blog friends, and even pondering the value of such meetings. TJ points out that a RiotACT meetup on Friday night will include real live Canberra bloggers. Details and address for more info are here.

Me, I just like parties, so I will organise one. In order to avoid any iss-ewes, I declare the Canberra Blogerque to be a religious observance of the sacred Rites of Sausage. Any criticism of the event will therefore be immediately referred to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and further correspondence will be through my solicitors. The details are:

Sunday, December 5 (that's Sunday week)
from 4 pm
On the Eucalypt lawn at the Botanic Gardens at the foot of Black Mountain (here’s a map).

BYO everything for picnicky eating, drinking and probably a bit of cricket frisbee.

I was originally thinking Uriarra Crossing, but it's a touch too far away and a touch to early in the year for much river swimming. There is a café at the Botanic Gardens, and plenty of space for mental (or even relatively sane) children. I think you can even get there by public transport.

To facilitate witty conversation, there will be no loud doof music. People will not wear name tags, and thus be forced to get the ball rolling , repartee-wise, by introducing themselves. There will be exciting visits from interstate bloggers (not all acts confirmed).

If some wild spirits want to head in town after, excellent. If someone wants to nominate a place, people who don't want to or can't get to the first part can meet up for a drinkie. Little people can be taken home and read 76 variations of "Mr McGee". Or plunked in front of Booh-Bah.

Another event will be organised in the new year by whoever fancies doing so at the time. Robert Corr explains how things are organised in Perth here, which sounds practical and easy to me. Perhaps we could have a chat at the barbie. Anyone not able to attend but wishing to register their interest for further events can drop me an email at crazybrave@gmail.com

If we are very lucky, and ask nicely, the husbang mightwear his David apron. This was much more likely when the concept was more barbeque than picnic, but we'll see.

This isn't O, of course, it's some random old internet lady. But that's the apron, alright.