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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Our Foreign Minister is a callous coward

I can see my new hobby will be keeping me busy. You just flick over the ABC site and get slapped in the face with this.

A summary:

A Red Cross/Crescent report indicates that actions "tantamount to torture" are taking place at Guantanamo Bay, where two Australians are detained. Leaked details are published in the New York Times (get a sneaky login from bugmenot if you'er asked to register).

Downer says the Red Cross refused his request for a copy of the report. (They have a confidentiality agreement with the US.) It is "not appropriate" to ask the US. What is appropriate is to await an investigation by the US Navy. splutter.

The Pentagon has said that it is not mistreating anyone at Guantanamo.

David Hicks' lawyer says that the report is consistent with statements made by inmates.

The political flavour of the government and the detainee are irrelevant. The government is responsible for protecting Australian citizens. Bad, nasty Liberals.