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Thursday, November 24, 2005

The funnies

Go read loadedog's "cruel and intuitive punishment" post. It'll help.

Stupidity in the service of Good

Sometimes I think it would be really cool if the husbang also blogged, but I guess we would fight over the computer.

Here, though, is a little side project he dreamt up last night when he realised he hasn't asked anyone to sponsor his Movember team - it's MoChoices.

(Movember asks blokes to grow a moustache in November and be sponsored to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. And yeah, I did think about making a dirty sanchez joke but words failed me.)

Friday, November 18, 2005

you're freakin' kiddin' me!

Ducky and I and our blokes are going to see the Jim Rose Circus tonight. If I catch the blue condom (or if Owen does, let's be realistic here) what do you think I should do with ask Former Porn Star Amber Pie in my alloted 30 minutes?

Ducky's excellent post of the night's adventures is here.

Live your dream # 3 - I can't believe it's not Herbie Hancock!

Being cool is not the most important thing, not by a long shot. However, all other things being equal, being cool is cool.

F'rinstance, imagine waking up in the morning and being this cool:


Go on, just imagine it:

Monday, November 14, 2005

The revolution will not be run outta a call centre

I hope you're all ready for tomorrow's National Day of Community Protest at the travesty that is about to befall our industrial relations system. I probably won't be able to go as I'm a bit crook and child wrangling, but the husbang will be there.

In Canberra, venue is the Betting Hall at the Race Course in Mitchell (and Fair Conditions out of Sense of Decency is almost certain to be scratched - sorry, can't help self). Buses will be leaving from Platform 8 in Civic from 8 am. Details for your town are here.

We've been getting heaps of telemarketing calls, so when the phone rang just as the husbang was putting Sage in the bath, I was ready to just tell them no and hang up as usual. But they used his first name, and when I asked told me that it was his union (also mine, the CPSU). I assumed - as you would - that they were calling to rev up the troops for tomorrow; even Sage's kindy calls the day before dress up day to remind you.

But no - there's a union election on. No mention of the Protest. He told them to cross my name off the list, same household. So when they called half an hour later for me, he asked why they weren't at least piggybacking a "see you tomorrow!" into the conversation. Because they are in Brisbane, and don't know the local details. sigh. But they can get you a cheap plasma screen, according to last week's mail.

Update: Ducky reports on the rally in Canberra. Hopefully the Loadedog will have some photos later on - he has some interesting snippets from the last day or so about federal agency employees being subject to scare tactics about attending the rally.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Selling the sizzle and not the sausage

I had a little operation last week - and thank you so much Steev, for sending me prize winning illustrations of the particular procedure I had. A much more appropriate gift was a big fat Cosmo magazine from my friend Rach. (She hadn't even opened the sealed section to see if she could tell just by looking at people in the buff who their partner was and what they liked to do in bed. I got most of the couples right, but who can pick a lap dancing freak from a marathon foreplay vanilla crew at first glance?)

I read one of these magazines about once every five years, and thoroughly enjoy it. A gutful of excellent medication and this one was going swimmingly - until page 179 when I saw this:

wonders, never ceasing

I am no genius with the scanner, so you'll have to take my word for it that you have only until 30 December 2005 to fashion a Christmas decoration from a Libra tampon and email them a picture. You could win a $500 shopping voucher! They don't say where from, but I'm guessing probably not Bunnings. In case you're very keen and artistically and seasonally minded, you can send your creation to libraangel@sca.com

Of course this is an utterly stupid campaign, but I will say one thing in their favour. At least they're not stuck up cunts.

* Further astonishment at the mysteries of marketing can be had at For Battle, and thanks to anti ob for the ready made post title!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Live your dream - the delightful Ampersand Duck

It is my great pleasure to bring you the second in a very special series "Live your dream".

Now I don't know what you think about Nana Mouskouri, but I think she's a fucking legend. I missed her recent show in Canberra, which was dumb, but my best mate was getting married a long way away so it wasn't for lack of desire.

delightful indeed

Other people have different attitudes, particularly those who for years and years have been cruelly taunted with cries of "Nana!" by their families. Like Ampersand Duck, who was so tortured by this type of brutality she ensured years of 1980's country hair salon perms.

Of course, we all grow up and out of these things. Just look at her now!